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nurulmuna yem nurul muna yem nurulmunayem

26 July 2015

The winds of change

The winter is ending, I can feel how the winds are no longer 
coming from the south.
The chilling winds that I had almost grew accustomed to.
The three months of winter is not as long as I thought it would be.
Just like everything in life.
When you thought that you have had enough of everything in life, 
all the question that haunts you and all the wrong decisions you had done.
It will end. That is the nature of everything. Good or bad, it ends.
The only thing that stays, is you and your mind.
Has it changed? Or has it not?
Are you the same person or are you better?
It is just amazing to think that the cold winter is actually 
preparing the earth for the beautiful flowers.
It's just around the corner :)