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14 April 2015

Kia Ora, Haere Mai! - updated -


Almost two years ago, I was told by my lecturer about the opportunity to pursue my degree overseas. It seems like such a vague and naive dream of mine. But now, here I am. Di bumi Wellington. Struggling over assignments and tests, just like how it used to be during my diploma years. Tak tercapai dek akal kalau nak dikata, what am I even doing here? That's what I thought. 
But then, now it's my reality. Allah dah susun dengan indah. How lucky I am, ya Allah.

Subhanarabbial 'azimi wabihamdih,

My previous wallpaper, yang asalnya cuma sebagai impian yang suka-suka.
Tapi, semuanya bermula dari angan-angan dan impian, kan?

On August 2013, my dad sent an email to Professor Jonathan Newton, the Head of Programme for my programme, Second Language Education. And his optimistic response is the initial catalyst for me to start this journey. It all started during my 3rd year at KPTM KL, Semester 5. Our beloved lecturer, Miss Nida encouraged me and a few friends to grab this opportunity and up until now, I can't thank her enough :') At that time, Majlis Amanah Rakyat was offering eligible KPTM Diploma holders to further their studies overseas. And I was lucky enough to be selected, Alhamdulillah.

I almost thought I couldn't make it, but I got called in for an interview session. Just as I was about to go send my letter of appeal to get on the list. Afterwards, we were told to take a Psychometric test. I passed both, syukur Alhamdulillah. When I got the news, I started searching for a university, and knowing that none of my seniors further their studies at New Zealand, that's where I began my search. And after I received my Financial Affidavit from MARA, I sent the required documents to Victoria University of Wellington. Few weeks afterwards, I received an Offer Letter from VUW.

Then... I did my IELTS test. Was nervous the whole way and so so unprepared. But I got 7 if I'm not mistaken. Doesn't matter. Then I received the official offer letter from MARA. Though it was quite late and I need to process all the agreement letter within two weeks, but Allah made it easy. And my mom, well she is basically my rock. She guided me throughout the whole process, pushing me to get things done even though I made quite a lot of mistakes and even almost thought of giving up! But nahh. She didn't let that happen, not on her watch. Remind yourself to go and hug your mom after reading this afterwards. I miss mine toooo much.

Now that I'm here... It's not as bad as I thought it was. At first it was kinda hard to fit in, as my batch mates are younger than me and those of my age are in their final year. But the age gap is not the definition of everything, I believe so. I know everyone had their own level of maturity that can't be measured by age. Plus, it's such a petty excuse to complain about! I'm here for a reason, I have my own mission to fulfill, right? Most of my classmates during high school had either finished their degree or doing their Masters. But I guess, my time will come. I have a full diploma, and I'll have my degree soon. Some people don't even finish their high school. Plus, future arrangements can be done so I can continue my Honours or Masters here. Insya Allah, only time will tell. But I have to work towards that direction, and I can't let anything stop me. When I got my SPM results, I thought I was nowhere near this kind of achievement, to be here, to be writing this experience. I was on the verge of giving up, but I tried, again, because of my parents. My dad let me did Landscape Architecture because he knows I loved it so much. But when I couldn't do better other than gave up, he let me do other things. And I choose to do something that he loves, to teach. To continue his legacy. It starts with my success in KPTM, achieving the Presidential Award for my Diploma in TESL. And now, I'm continuing the dream here in Wellington. Failure after failure, I'm here now and I can never do it without my parents. They never gave up on me.. They were willing to spend any amount of money or time just to ensure that I'll be fine on my feet, and that's all I need. To know that they're there to catch me if I fall. I don't think I ever did anything, I think it's their blessings and dreams that made it for me. May Allah give them their blessings and safety, like they do now.

Dear Wellington. It's so hard to be thinking that I'll leave this place, but who knows, who knows. I certainly do not. But's it's Allah's best prophecy for me, written in the Luh Mahfuz. For me, this is where every puzzle piece of my life is completed. I'll never forget this place, even when I'm far away across the sea. 

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