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nurulmuna yem nurul muna yem nurulmunayem

22 January 2012


Okay. Hey peeps. Cantik-cantik dan hensem-hensem di luar sana.

Tahukah anda?

Lately saya banyaaaaak nampak kawan-kawan saya tulis status yang mesti selitkan about their forever alone moment.

And I hate that. A lot.

:| ni nak membebel panjang-panjang ni.

Don't you know? 
You will always have someone 
who cares for you, 
who accepts you for who you are, 
who wants to be there with you 
whenever no one else will. 
 It's devastatingly hurtful 
to see someone you care for claims 
that they are forever alone. 
Damn it. 
And more importantly, 
you are NEVER ALONE 
because Allah SWT is ALWAYS there with you.
 Tahu tak? 
Syaitan memang akan masuk melalui liang roma kita and then ke pembuluh darah kita,
 tapi Allah lebih dekat dengan kita. 
Tempat pertama yang Dia sentuh is our heart, our pulse. Nadi. 
So the forever alone theory, to me, is a complete BULLSHIT. 
Enough said. 
Sorry for the foul words but my rage would grow whenever this ridiculous issue came up. 
For once, don't let your feelings control your sanity, please. 
It's just unfair to the ones you loved and those who loves you, 
with or without you knowing they love you. 
Be positive! 
You're someone's loved ones. 
You're Allah's. 

Kadang-kadang kita tak boleh bagitahu seseorang kita sayangkan dia. 
Tapi orang yang sayangkan kita sentiasa mendoakan kita. 
No matter what.
Believe me, ada orang selalu doakan awak.
Jangan fikir siapa, sebab memang ada. That one person. Ada.