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07 January 2012

Quick post.

Psst, I've warned you, this is a quick post! :D YAY! :D

Okay so let's talk. 
You're a PC. With a very low RAM.
If you're so blind on technology, lemme explain plainly.
RAM makes your PC runs fast. 
Thus, the higher the RAM, the faster it runs. Geddit? 
Now this is the situation.
Yang "You're a PC. With a very low RAM."
Cepat-cepat. Okay. Sudah? 
Let's start the party!
When your RAM is low, because you are used brutally by the world that controls you, you slows down.
You slowly starts to drop your performance until you can't perform anymore.
And then came the most worst part... You're put in a coma.
And so, your User have to do it's part.
The User have to restart you.
And then you were running again, very freely, lightly, and you perform very well! Like a brand new PC!
Okay so now...
Let's compare this situation to our own real-life situation as a humble servant to Allah Ta'ala.
A PC is you. With low ram. Meaning, with low resistant towards sinful and forbidden actions.
Therefore, sinful and forbidden actions will slow you down in remembering Allah SWT, our Creator.
And with more and more ignorance towards Allah SWT, our heart were slowly closed towards the Truth, the true Islam.
Bak kata orang, Islam hanya pada kad IC kau tu je.
Such a hypocrite kan kita ni? 
SO. Actually the User is of course, Allah swt.
He uses us from the start to see if we were ready to be put into this world as His servant to reach His Jannah.
Not to be his hypocrite servant where we will only use His word to be the heaven and then suffer in the Hereafter.
So let us guide our self to His path so that He will not hesitate to "restart" our Iman, and contain our Deen. 

Written truly and deeply from the bottom of my heart, sincerely, His servant,

Nurulmuna Yem.

ps: quick post la sangat... Hahahhahahahhaha :P