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nurulmuna yem nurul muna yem nurulmunayem

14 November 2011

Have you ever wondered?

When you know you are in Allah's hands, you are fine. You know he's always there, and everything happens for a reason, which is His reasons. Sometimes the reason is naked to the eye, sometimes it's not. But realizing upon this, it's easy for us to redha.

But there are times when you feel impatient too. And keep asking why. And keep saying that life is unfair against you. You don't think you can stand the pain, and you can't have that redha in you.


The question remains.

But from my opinion, yes, indeed life is in Allah's hands, and the paths are all set up by him. But satanic whispers are always chasing you, keep leading you to the wrong path until you're lost. So when you are lost, just remember that the right path is never too far.  The question is, when? It sounds easy, yeah. "You can always turn around and pick the right path." But the duration of your realization and the moment when you actually change for the better can be a long time, actually. The time span, is going to lead to many other misleading path until you meet the right path. Or for some lucky people this path is always in front of them and all they have to do is follow. Maybe they are blessed. But people who have gone through many obstacles to meet the right path are the luckiest ones, I suppose. Because from mistakes, we'll learn and we survive other obstacles. Still, if you ask others, no one will ever say that their life is easy.
Life have no undo button, for things you've done, but you can actually undo your mistakes by showing regrets in your repentance. Because Allah is Most Forgiving and the Pardoner.

Like I would say, hope you are in the well. [harap anda didalam perigi]