nurulmuna yem nurul muna yem nurulmunayem
nurulmuna yem nurul muna yem nurulmunayem

17 July 2011


Pak cik tu kata... Kalau hati sedih pun senyum je...
Senyum manis-manis, daripada masam-masam muka?
Tapi pakcik...
Saya bukan penipu... Saya bukan hipokrit...
Saya tak mampu pakcik...

Terima kasih pakcik. Takpe.
Biar saya senyum tapi mungkin untuk orang lain.

Esok ku nanti.

Felt shunned out. And so I miss home. People in it. 
And I miss my cats so very much. I miss Janey, Julie, Jamie, Romie, And the two Sockies kittens :'( 
Awwh. And my besties. 
Shunned out, maybe because of the weekends are dull 
and there's just three people in the hostel apartment so yeah... 
Still I felt so alone. Like I'm just alone in the house, ya know? 
Nevermind.  So damn blurred. What a week. 
Hope it's gonna be okaaaaay :') 

Better aku cakap dengan Cleverbot, he's honest at least. Kan? 

So haven't got as many assignments as the other section, 
probably because of the schedule's constant changes. Still unstable lahh. 
And I miss my mom's cook. *tetibe/suddenly/allofasudden.

Felt like Ness when he's having homesick and he can't perform in battles.
And speaking of Ness, I haven't finished the game yet!!!
And I'm already in the middle of the last chapter.
Tak sampai hati.


I hate you because...

Okay bye may peace be upon you.