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nurulmuna yem nurul muna yem nurulmunayem

13 July 2011

Purrfectly Perfect :3

They said that people who owns cats are lonely people. Those who said that, you have been awarded the most LAME people ever!
Just because we love cats, doesn't mean we're lonely. Just because we talk to our cats, treat them as human, doesn't mean we're lonely. Cats are for those who are lonely so they don't feel lonely anymore. No more :3
Don't stereotype. We cool people aren't lonely 'cause we fill our life with companions from two awesome Allah's creatures, human and cats :D Heck, we even found out that some cats are waaaaay better than human, right?
:) They have a lot more of a personality and can be more interactive ALL the time!

Here's what its like. Got it from here

Don't feel down on yourself. Never ever, you have on specialty, you have loved the Prophet's favorite animal, and you have been loved. :)

Ailurophile, is not a loneliness.

May peace be upon you!

Enjoy my cats :) 

more here: {linkie}

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