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nurulmuna yem nurul muna yem nurulmunayem

05 July 2011


In traditional english, gay means happy.
In modern english, gay means homosexual.
Realizing this, aku dan BFFs dah lama gunakan ayat ni, gay. Ianya dah sebati dalam vocabulary aku.

[Most people in the gay community use "gay" only when talking about gay people. Outside the gay community, it is sometimes used as slang to mean something is weak, stupid, or less important. People sometimes say, "That is so gay!" to say something looks or acts stupid. People also use the word "queer" in the same way. Sometimes people also use this to mean something is very colorful. This is because of the stereotype that gay men are very interested in fashion, clothing, and interior design; another possibility is that people are still using the word in its original sense, as the word gay originally meant "fun" or "joyful". Sometimes even gay people themselves use the word this way. When they do this, they may not think the way they use "gay" about gay people.]

Kadang-kadang terbiasa daaaah gunakan sampai bila gunakan dengan orang yang tak biasa, dia offended pulak.

Jangan salah sangka tau!
I'm not like, cakap kamu gay yang lagi satu tuuu. 
Jom kita bersangka baik jom, heeheehee :)
Tak baik taaaaau buruk sangkaaaa~ 
Hihihi :P
Let's live a gay life, people.
Gay people out there, especially those in kelantan, UiTM Kelantan, please show yourself up!
And in Tanjung Malim, Perak! UPSI!
My BFFs are in serious need of someone who's the same as they are.
So you gays out there, 
Find Amirah Syahirah Amir Hisham 
& Asiah Khairuddin
A.S.A.P okay?!
Do me a faaaaavoooour hereee! Gay yourself up! 
You're not gay enough!

I miss my gay bff lovelies so much :') 
Oh check this blog out, it's aaaaawesome :D 

Orait now, may peace be upon you!
ps: It's 4:22 am, still awake. O_O Ayoooo~

First day

Today's monday, and the first day kami jumpa and mulakan aktiviti as a student. Tak adalah buat apa pun, all we did is just dengar taklimat from our program coordinator cum my mentor, Ms Izra Inna :) So, we were being introduced to our subjects and lecturers. The best part of semalam, jumpa my beloved old classmates. Yay! Feels so happy, lepaskan rindu. :') Each and every one of them is special, and to you old Section 2 and 1 people, you rock man :D Lebiu all <3 

And tomorrow, I mean hours from now, (It's 3a.m and I can't sleep) we're gonna start our class! And it's shocking to see how many unknown faces around. Betul punya cakap, there's just TOO MANY new students! Well welcome newcomers! :) 

KPTM is a seriously unique place. You'll find one rule and you'll have to say: KPTM NYA! Why? Sebab the rule is really quite ridiculous, never been heard before at other college. Example, "you can bring rice-cooker to the hostel but you're not gonna be permitted to use it. And you've got to register it (or any other electrical appliances) before you've got to have it in your apartment. And. You've got to pay the fees. Like. KPTM NYA KAN? HAHAHA XDD" - as quoted by my favorite warden, Miss Bibi (: 

So yup, welcome welcome. We're welcoming you with wide open arms :)
To new TESLians, welcome people! Make us proud. Make English Department proud. :D
Oh and, and, back to the topic kan. Macam tak dapat nampak any familiar faces pun. Macam tenggelam je semua orang dah. I miss the old atmosphere. Well benda semua akan berubah kan. Yes? So yes. Here goes, semester two. 

Oh my goodness it's 3:37a.m and I'm still not in my slumber. Oh well, tak boleh tutup mata. Gediiiiiik. Anyonyooooo. Anyways. 

Kalut ni ha nak pi start kelas dah ni esok ha. 

May peace be upon you! :)