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nurulmuna yem nurul muna yem nurulmunayem

18 June 2011


Aku pergi perbaiki diri,
Terkadang dalam pencarian ni aku tergilincir lagi.
Bangun lagi,
Terjumpakan kabus memutih,
Kelirukan semua pandangan,
Yang betul jadi salah yang salah jadi betul.
Aku ingin lihat semua putih,
Ya Rabb, berikan aku peluang lagi.

My Pokes.

This is Poka :')

Membebel je kerjaaa.
You always warms my bad :')

You're always near. Never far. Even until now... 

Tolong orang nak SPM buat latihan LK :')

Time ni lidah dah terkeluar... Sebab gigi takde. Soon after, air liur asyik keluar and kau dah takde selera makan... TT_TT

Rest in peace, sayang kakak.

I miss you sooooooo much! :'(
You've been with me since I was four years old, when there's this Disney movie called Pokahontas.
And mesmerized by the Pokahontas in you, we decided to call you Pokahohantas.
You're such a cat. A friend. You bring a lot of smiles to my life, a LOT. Really.
During my childhood, I've been a rebel and I cried a lot. And all of a sudden I will found you in my lap, purring and knead me with your hands, as if telling me it's all gonna be okay. 
I miss those times when I talked to you about stuffs. You know what stuffs :'P It's as if you understand, I always wondered if you ever understand, but I don't care because it calms me out. You calm me out.
Sometimes you just knew how I felt. 
That's wonderful.
And well, it's fun to see you react when I call your name.
You know your name. :')
And those times at night, you always sleep with me under the covers, you really love that, don't you?
It's crazy to think that we never not even once sent you to the vet because you never really got sick.
You really do know how to take care of yourself.
Well, because you really have that Pokahontas in you.
I didn't take many pictures of you because I actually wanted to. I wanted to take pictures of you because I want to look back at them when you're gone. But the fact that you will be gone, stopped me. I don't want you to be gone. But you did anyways. That explains the lack of your photos.
I wished that you'll stay with me when I have my own house. And I wanted to take care for you. Never get to do that.

I never talked to anyone about this gap I felt when you left. When you finally left.
Because I'm afraid I would break down.
I did.
This house never feels the same without you.
You are a really, really, really special cat.
I love you Pokes. 


1994 - 2011