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nurulmuna yem nurul muna yem nurulmunayem

27 May 2011

Holly Holiday!

noun /ˈslēpˌōvər/ 
sleepovers, plural

  1. An occasion of spending the night away from home, or of having a guest or guests spend the night in one's home, esp. as a party for children
And that's where I've been spending my week! Basically yang dari UiTM or Politeknik semua dah register for next sem last week, this week's weekend, or next week.. So sebelum aktiviti saya bercuti seorang diri bermula, i meet up with my friends! Sleepover, three days two nights! :) And still, it's not enough. Hanging around, laughing every single time, love! Watched movies, ate our favourite SCM, went to the cinema, stalk people, hihi. Insomnia moments, Insidious, Running Man, How I Met Your Mother!!! And 3 minutes stare :D And and and and and next week my week will be dull again. Ugh. Kurang seronok di situ. Huuuu. D';

So before that, right after balik from kualalalalumpur, i terus met those crazy dear old classmates from smks7 :)

Asri, Fikri, Ili, Hafizah, Asiah, and Amirah.  

Fotogediks here and there, our event is to belanja a weirdo named Fikri roti canai. There were 6 of us so he ordered 6 roti canai for himself, and we have to pay for it. Orang lain makan satu, dia makan 6! >.< I told you, itu weirdo punya orang haha. -__-" And then, I gotta send some roti canai to my mum before heading out again, then they decide to visit my mum,  who happens to be mantan pengetua smks7, our old school :) Chatting here and there, said bye bye, group photo and Ili and Hafizah left sebab takut dengan Acid Man. Gruesomely traumatic, thank god we weren't attacked :/ Takde keje lain ke? Simbah asid dekat orang hish, poor guy lah. Anyways, after that us who remained went to a photogedik session dekat tasik near mahkamah majistret shah alam. Hihi gayness all over.

footnote: To my dearest Amirah Syahirah, take care for your new journey at Kelantan :) I'm gonna miss you soooooo! ;'( Byeeeeeeee. Lotssssoflove! <3
May peace be upon you.